The Town and Villages page has been set up to let you look at pictures that the club members have taken as a record for future generations and the enjoyment of the viewer.

You will find each village or town in alphabetical order as they are added. This is an ongoing project so over the coming months more will be added as they are sent through to the webmaster, so if the village or town that you are interested in has not been photographed yet, drop us a line and ask if a photographer can visit to take some photographs. If there are buildings or roads with special interest in your village then let us know and we can get someone round to discuss them and take some photos. So, please get in touch via the Contact page.

One of our members, Graham Halliday, has written a poem about taking the photographs for the Towns and Villages project:

Every time I go out it seems a dull day, and usually dustbins in the way,

There's power cables in the sky, and parked cars by and by,

People walk across my screen, but I can still say "I have been",

Took some photos to add to our collection,

So one day people can have a recollection.